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This section shows how to configure the Default Currency for your App.For Multi Currencies or Currency Switcher on WooCommerce,  Pro MultiVendor apps, you can use the WPML plugin or WOOCS Currency Switcher


Note: To use ₵ currency of Ghana, please use the Raleway font or any Google Fonts that support ₵ character.

1. Default Currency


  1. Open your app → go to Features
  2. Open Cart & Checkout → select Currencies
  3. Select Default Currency
  4. Click Apply and Save

If your app supports only one currency, after select the default currency, you should go to Profile tab on the left hand side. On the right hand side, scroll to General Settings and turn off Currencies option.

2. Multi Currencies Setting

This feature is only available for the WooCommerce version.


  1. Add new setting from Manage Currencies from WPML plugin:

  2. Open your app → go to Features

  3. Open Cart & Checkout → select Currencies

  4. Select Default Currency

  5. Click Add New Currency → edit the new currency → click ADD

  6. Click Edit Currency button on each available currency to edit

  7. Click Apply then Save

3. WOOCS Currency Switcher

If you do not want to use the WPML plugin, you can use the WOOCS Currency Switcher.After installing WOOCS Currency Switcher. Turn on Woo Currency Switcher on AppBuilder to use this feature.