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In-App Purchase

This guide shows you how to install In-App Purchases.

When clicking Buy Now button on the Product Detail screen, if the product price is the same as In-App Purchase products on AppStore/Google Play, it will pay via In-App Purchases.

Set Up In-App Purchase

  1. Go to AppStore/Google Play, and select your application.
  2. Select the In-App Purchase/In-app Products on the left-hand side and then add a new one.
  3. Create a new product with a particular product ID.
  4. Set the price on AppStore/Google Play which must be the same as the product price on the website.
  5. Open App on AppBuilder
  6. Go to Features → Payment Methods → In-App Purchase
  7. Enable In App Purchases
  8. Add Consumer Product IDs, None Consumer Product IDs, Subscription Product IDs
  9. Click Apply and Save