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Paypal Payment

The feature is available for Woocommerce, Listing, and Notion


Before adding this payment to your app, please make sure it is available on your website.


Native Paypal


  1. Open your app → Go to Features
  2. Open Cart & Checkout → select Checkout Screen → enable Address → Click Apply
  3. Go to Payment Methods → select Paypal Payment
  4. Turn on Enabled Paypal
  5. Input Server Endpoint, Publishable Key and Payment Method ID
  6. Enable Production Mode
  7. Click Apply and Save


If you want to use demo environment, please disable Production Mode.


Native Checkout

Native Checkout UI is more convenient and professional for Paypal SDK. This feature is available for Extended License.


  1. Open your app → Go to Features.
  2. Open Payment methods → select Paypal Payment.
  3. Enable Native Mode.
  4. Click Apply and Save