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Point and Reward

1. Configuration

The feature will be displayed from the Settings screen. After logging into the app and purchasing the product, you can see the collection point. This is a good feature to custom for the reward app.


  1. Install the Plugin for your website:
  2. Open your app on AppBuilder → go to Features
  3. Open Cart & Checkout → select Point & Reward
  4. Turn on Enable Point & Reward → click Apply
  5. go to Profile tab on the left hand side → in General Settings, turn on Point
  6. Click Save

💡Make sure to set a value for the Maximum Points Discount following the next part below.

2. Maximum Points Discount

Vendors can set the maximum points that users can apply for each checkout. The feature is compatible with WooCommerce Point & Reward

To set the maximum point discount, navigate to your website, on Woocommerce, select Points & Rewards, go to Settings screen. At this screen, input the desired data for Maximum Point Discount and click Save Changesto apply the customization.