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Smart Chat (ChatGPT)

To keep the app up to date with the development of OpenAI, ChatGPT has been integrated and added in Smart Chat feature of the app. Please follow the steps below:

Set Up Supabase Server

1.1 Create and Setup Project on Supabase

  • Go to Supabase to create or log in to your account and create a new project.

  • Please download the latest version of the Supabase CLI.

  • Generate access token and log in to CLI.

  • Link your project:

    • Go to project setting on Supabase to get Reference ID.

    • Open Terminal, and run the command supabase link --project-ref [REFERENCE_ID] . For example: supabase link --project-ref fasdf12312.

1.2 Generate OpenAI Key

1.3 Deploy

  • Open supabase folder attached in the project folder by Visual Studio Code. You can find the resource at apps/openai_app/resource/.
  • Open Terminal in Visual Studio Code and run command supabase secrets set OPENAI_API_KEY=[IN-PUT-YOUR-OPENAI-API-KEY-HERE].
  • Within your project root run supabase functions deploy completion to deploy the module Chat and Text Generation (ver 1).
  • Run supabase functions deploy chat to deploy the module Chat and Text Generation (ver 2 - coming soon).
  • Run supabase functions deploy image-generate to deploy the module Image Generation.


Please contact us to get the folder.


Add ChatGPT to Your App

  1. Open your app on the Builder tool
  2. Go to Features → open GeneralChatGPT
  3. Input the Supabase URL and Supabase Anon Key → turn on Enable Chat → click Apply
  4. Go to Features → open BrandingSmart Chat
  5. Enable Smart Chat and click Add New Chat Options..
  6. In App, select ChatGPT → add Label and Icon Image → click ADD
  7. Click Apply and Save